Selling your property in Tenerife

Selling a property in Tenerife will depend on what you want to sell,Guest Posting where it is and how much you want for your property. There are many estate agents in Tenerife that will gladly add your property to their portfolio and we have a list of them on our site for your convenience.

However, there is now also an alternative way to sell your The Myst property in Tenerife! Auction it! Tenerife Property Auctions Sl was set up in July to cater to the demand of the seller in an otherwise buyers market. People have been buying property at auction in the UK for years now and everyone loves a bargain – its human nature. So if you are considering selling your property in Tenerife then you must also consider the auction option – visit our page on auctions for more details.

So now you have decided that you want to sell, invite a number of local estate agents around as well as perhaps Tenerife Property Auctions and ask them to value your property in todays market. Don´t fall for the normal questions like “well how much do you want for it” or “what do you value it at” as that won´t sell your property. What you want to know is what is the value of the property in todays current market – we all want as much as we can get but its only the realistically priced properties that sell in todays property market in Tenerife.

Having valued your property using various agents you should now have an idea of what the true value of your property is. The next thing to consider is how quickly you want to sell it and this will depend on your own personal circumstances, do you need to sell, do you need to return to your home country, are you desperate? All questions that you need to ask yourself before deciding on the right price that you should ask for your property.

Instructing the agents – you now know how much you want and how soon you want to sell. I would suggest writing your own property description and asking the agents to use it afterall who else knows more about your property? Give them all the details you can about the property and ensure that the pictures they take of your property are suitably presented both in the shop and on the internet. Its a fact that over 85% of people looking to buy a property abroad now use the internet as their primary source of investigation – so make sure when they see your property its presented correctly. Tenerife’s estate agents will allow you to instruct more than one agent so don´t sign an exclusivity form unless you only want to use one agent – then be sure to pick the right one.

Viewings – property viewings can be a pain in the neck sometimes but a necessary evil if you want to sell your house. Make sure the agent has done their job by ensuring the client is aware of the fact that your property is perhaps on the top floor and there is no lift or its above a bar – so it wouldn’t appeal to older or disabled clients. We have listed some of the well known facts about property presentation when trying to sell your house below so remember them when the time comes.

Tidy Up – clean the house, wash the windows, wash up, move laundry, present your house like a show home.

Pets – we all love our pets but we shouldn’t expect others to so move them to the outside when taking viewings or better still ask someone to take them for an hour or so. Move their things and make sure the property doesn’t smell of pets.

Kids – we all love our kids, but if you have unruly children then again ask someone to take them for an hour or so so they don’t interrupt you while you are talking to potential buyers.

Aroma – Make sure your house smells right, before the viewers arrive open all your windows and let the fresh air meander through your house. If necessary place some fragrant air fresheners around the property. Freshly baked cakes and bread and the smell of coffee are proven relaxants and give the property a homely smell.