I Am so Desperate for Someone to Love Me

Many individuals would admit to being “desperate” for love at some point in their life, since loneliness may be painful at times. This sense of loneliness is what drives us into unhealthy partnerships I’m yearning for someone to adore me. This results in many people reaching the age of thirty without a companion, and many of them becoming despondent as time passes, entering a vicious spiral that is rather devastating: being anxious to find a mate is the worst way to find one.

To earn someone’s affection, you must first love that person. This is what many people assert and debate. As a result, learn so that in the future, they can adore you as well. As a result, you get impatient. You begin to question your capacity to like someone, as months and years pass and you continue to search for your ideal spouse (or a partner). Then despair sets in, and you get trapped in a vicious spiral in which the more desperate you are, the more difficult it is to find a mate, and the more difficult it is to find one, the more desperate you are. If a relationship is to be serious, it indicates a period of time to get to know one another, to remain, to spend time together, to open up sentimentally to the other person, to seek happiness by spending time and space with the other, and so on.

Come on, this isn’t like going to the shop and debating whether to get strawberry or banana yoghurt; this is far more serious. We are all capable of making errors, yet it is worthwhile to attempt to strike the shot because all leave a more or less unpleasant imprint.

When patience runs out, when despair sets in, you begin to doubt yourself, your talents, your capacity to satisfy, and you begin to feel rejected and unwanted. This has a detrimental effect on self-esteem and causes the individual to attempt to alter his behaviour, his way of being, in order to get a different outcome by presenting a new picture of himself. Change is not always a terrible thing. After reading desperate love quotes, you will get an even better and more detailed knowledge about desperate for someone to love me.

people who have had to change numerous aspects of their personalities in order to be more sociable, pleasant, close, friendly, and optimistic, but changing is not always easy, and sometimes only responds to an attempt to conceal what you do not want to show: the wolf in sheep’s clothing that we now refer to as “the shepherd.”

And this is how one loses one’s identity, functioning in an imaginary, frequently bizarre manner. You meet another person and you go to great lengths to satisfy him; you show him what he wants to see and tell him what he wants to hear, but it is not you who is pleasing him, but the persona you have built. Without being yourself, you run the risk of contradicting yourself: one day you express an opinion to demonstrate your personality (because people generally appreciate it when the other has somewhat clear ideas), and the next day you argue the contrary simply because you are closer to his way of thinking.

And I’m feeling it very strongly: the alter ego that many people build has a very short life because it is tiring to keep them up to date, and because there is always a time at which the real personality strives to come out, and then everything falls apart. That confusion that culminates in a “Figure it out, and when you have defined your feelings or desires, call me… and we’ll see. Men are often believed to develop sentiments and get attracted to females fairly rapidly. When a woman feels this way, she becomes anxious and concerned. To alleviate your concern and to facilitate your comprehension, it is critical to realise that generating these kinds of sentiments is completely natural and is not gender specific. Who hunts more effectively and efficiently, the one who waits patiently for hours until he locates his prey and then brings it down only when he is certain he has an exact target, or the one who fires wildly at the slightest movement? Perhaps the second will get a good break and catch prey with so much hitting, but clearly the first hunts better since he understands what he wants and how to obtain it.

As I previously stated, while seeking for a spouse, we must learn to wait and pick the person we feel would bring us happiness, and in order to do so, we must be at a critical stage in which we know who we are and what we want. Yes, you will have a partner, but perhaps there are more aspects of her that you dislike than admire, perhaps you share little in common, perhaps there are more reasons to be apart than there are to be together, and despair may lead you to say “better known bad than good to know” or “better a bird in hand than a hundred flying.” Come on, the need to have a mate might drive us to commit the folly of being in a relationship with someone we are unhappy with.

Another circumstance that might arise when one enters a state of despair is the idea that we do not truly have a partner, nor have we had one in a long time, due to our own actions. Our way of being, our unattractive physique (it makes no difference if this is true or not… it is the image one creates of oneself), our humour, our lack of enthusiasm,… whatever, or everything in general, make us feel incapable of being loved, that we do not deserve a partner, that we begin a relationship with the knowledge that it will end soon because we are not made to be happy in a couple.

And we believe it so strongly that we end up with no relationship or with partners that do not stay long, not because of who we feel we are, but because of what we do or do not do when we do find a mate. However, how? How are you going to make it happen? To be sure, in several ways… Losing faith in the relationship after a period of time because you know you will not end up together, consciously cooling it to save suffering, not opening too emotionally, and so on.In summary, failing to contribute to a relationship that has the potential to be pleasant and lasting merely because you assume it will soon end, without considering that you are the one who caused it to end.

True, opening oneself sentimentally exposes you; it allows your life and feelings to enter another person, and you reciprocate. It hurts more when things don’t go as planned, but without love, there is no partnership, and without trust and the willingness to put that trust at risk, life as a pair is meaningless. Therefore, exercise patience, maintain your composure, and avoid losing your anger. If you are unable to locate a mate, despair will not assist you. Yes, you may find a relationship, but it will not always be the greatest decision, and you will almost certainly risk losing your identity. It’s worth waiting, and in the meantime, finding interests and friends to occupy your spare time, so that you may continue to develop as a person and be happy throughout. Thus, with the security provided by people who feel good about themselves, with the capacity to satisfy and love those who look after their friends, you may find a mate without sacrificing your individuality.

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